How to

Psycho Clown

Creating a psycho clown look for Halloween is a thrilling endeavor. Here's a more detailed breakdown of each step to help you achieve a crazy, spine-chilling transformation.
Step 1
Begin by ensuring a clean base for your psycho clown Halloween masterpiece. Gently cleanse your face with Clean & Care Natural Micellar Water 120 ml, removing any impurities and oils to provide a flawless base for your make-up. Use a cotton pad for the removal.
Step 2
Hydrate your skin effectively with Dermacolor Moisturizer Cream. Massage the cream into your skin to enhance absorption, an essential step for achieving a well-hydrated and smooth base.
Step 3
Apply Marly Skin - Skin Protection Foam to create an additional protective layer and simplify the clean-up process later. This barrier not only safeguards your skin but also aids in easier make-up removal.
Step 4
Now, it’s time to prepare your eyebrows for a dramatic transformation. Use Pintura Effects Wax and a Make-up Mixing Spatula to flatten and block your or your model’s eyebrows. This step ensures a smooth surface for applying color later.
Step 5
Take a sponge and begin applying the creamy Pintura Clown White.
Start with a thin layer and gradually build up the coverage to your desired level, ensuring a ghostly white base for your clown look.
Step 6
Lock in the Pintura Clown White by applying Translucent Powder 50 g (TL 1). Use a powder puff to ensure an even application, paying special attention to smoothing out any expression lines. Brush off any excess powder with a brush.
Step 7
For a hint of warmth and a fun element, blend Pintura Water Color 25 ml (sunlight) with water to create a creamy consistency. Apply this radiant color to your eyes, lips, and cheeks, blending seamlessly with a dry brush or sponge.
Steep 8
Continue enhancing your make-up with Pintura Water Color 25 ml (ruby).
Mix Ruby with Water to achieve a creamy consistency. Apply this rich hue to specific areas to add depth and dimension, intensifying the eerie effect.
Step 9
With Pintura Water Color 25 ml (black) mixed with water, use a dry brush to create striking eyebrows and eyeliner. These details will enhance the menacing look of your psycho clown.
Step 10
Tear cotton pads into pieces and dip them into a cup of Pintura Liquid Latex 30 ml. Carefully apply the latex-soaked cotton pieces to your skin, allowing them to dry. You can speed up the drying process with a hairdryer, but be cautious not to overheat the latex.
Step 11
Apply a thin layer of Pintura Hydro Mastix to adhere Pintura Natural Glitter Stacker 4 Colors onto your skin. Layer the glitter for a captivating effect, but ensure the adhesive is completely dry before your model opens their eyes.
Step 12
Darken your lashes with mascara, using a disposable mascara wand for precise application, intensifying the look of your eyes.
Tip: Use the Supreme Volume Mascara (black).
Step 13
Attach Showgirl SG1 to the upper lashes using Lash Adhesive Pro 4 g to glue them on. These lashes will add a dramatic flair to your sinister clown appearance.
Step 14
Extend the drama to the under-eye area by applying Stargirl S1, similar to Step 13. Use Lash Adhesive Pro 4 g to glue them on. This will further intensify the haunting allure of your psycho clown.
Step 15
Moisten a brush with water, mix it with a bit of Pintura Water Color 25 ml (black), and gently press it onto the eyeliner under the underlashes. Gradually add more water to create a natural tear effect by letting it run down free. Repeat this process until you achieve the desired intensity, emphasizing the eerie vibe.
Step 16
With the latex now dry, apply Pintura Show Blood on and around it. This combination of cotton, latex, and blood will create a three-dimensional effect, adding a gruesome touch to your clown look, making it even more psycho-looking.
Step 17
Finish off your creepy clown masterpiece by adding a touch of shine to the lips with High Gloss (super glaze). This will make your lips pop and complete your chilling look.
Congratulations! You’ve successfully transformed yourself into a spine-tingling psycho clown using Pintura colors. Embrace the terror and enjoy your Halloween festivities!

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